IPL Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Photorejuvenation treatments use light energy which is non-invasive in nature, so your skin surface remains unblemished during and after your treatment sessions. The advanced technology behind IPL is able to treat a variety of conditions such as: uneven pigmentation, sun damaged skin, rosacea, acne blemishes, and unwanted hair. IPL works effectively on most skin pigments and most hair types and colors; it can also treat multiple symptoms during the same sessions. Even very sensitive areas of the body can be treated due to the gentle nature of the advanced technology behind the Intense Pulsed Light process.

The flashes of light from the IPL system revitalize your skin and can be highly focused to resolve particular conditions without surgery or the downtime associated with such procedures. As IPL treatments are gentle by nature, you can return to daily activities immediately after a fifteen to twenty minute treatment session. Full sun exposure should be avoided for several weeks before and after treatment for optimal results.

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